Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GAME ON - Opening Day 2009

Greetings All Players & Fans, Another winter under our belt (forget about the notch position)!It's spring and that means Baseball! or as we say in Hooterville bassaball!

This is the first 2009 communication on the blog for Winnies Field! I've seen a number of you over the non-season, as usual for various reasons. Sadly, we ended up together at funerals and Uncle Joe's was one that really hit home for me. The youngest brother of the Sweeney clan, and wasn't he the most loved by all the nephews and nieces! What else can I say? So, this season will be dedicated to Uncle Joe!

Speaking of dedication: Y'all didn't know it but the baseball writers and observers (beer drinkers) have painstakingly crunched the statistics and come up with a Winnie's Field MVP for 2008! I know there where limited games/ statistics but the judges (me and Karen) came to an unanimous decision. Ta Da: All around athlete, super mom, ultra dedicated to causes for community and family, can pitch, hit, take a hit, & run (she does marathons!!) makes 20-year-olds look lethargic, and roots for the Red Sox's (that was the only bone of contention with the judges--well, one of them anyway!) is an example for all players and family to emulate: Sheila Oakes!

Despite a crippling shot off the bat of #NONAMEPLAYER in the 1st inning of an opener, to pitcher Oake's ankle/foot, the veteran Oakes/ Matriarch remained in the game and batted a couple of RBIs!! She required months of rehab and therapy, and still played in a couple of mid season critical games. Manager Russ Oakes deemed an off season of sun and R & R in proximity of the Red Sox's winter/ spring training facility was just what the MVP needed. Good move Russ!

MVP OAKES returned to CT in time for the annual Easter Breakfasts, hosted by Eileen & Charlie on Long Hill Rd.! I had an opportunity to talk to the MVP over jelly donuts: "So Sheila, given the shot you took in 08, can you still be a force on the mound or in the field in 09?"

She responded: " see the mark on my ankle, that's a badge of courage...won't stop me, and besides, I'm wearing shin pads this I'm fearless, besides being indestructible!" Wow!!....oh, ah, give me another Cream! That's MVP material if I've ever heard it!!!

We're going to talk to Sheila at the award ceremony this opening day, May 16th at 3PM, 1500 for you organized folks!!

Looking forward to seeing you !

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lost and found items

From Karen Olson.

Hey, everybody, great time on Saturday! Brendan and I were both glad you could all make it. Who knew were such great athletes!

We have a few “lost and found” items to put out there for claiming. The photo shows a few of the items: crock pot, blue bowl, kids sweatshirt, yellow tee shirt (hmmmm, how did that get left here without someone noticing?) and a white serving spoon. We also have a blue Sports Authority folding chair and various blue coolers out by the barn. I think that’s it, which is pretty good considering the huge crowd that was here. Let me know ( if something is yours and I will let you know where to find it, if you stop by and we are not here.

Auntie Tish and Uncle Bunnie: sorry we missed you when you left. We were so happy to see you there, but with all the running around regret that we didn’t have more time to catch up on things. . .

Love you all. See you next time! Karen

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a great day!!

What a great day and great game. Sorry we didn't see Karen or Brendan when we left. They were nowhere to be found. Your Moms and Dads would have been so proud (as I was) to see all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins playing, cheering, visiting and eating (terrific food) together. You're a great bunch!! WE DID GOOD!! Thanks again for a wonderful day and we're looking forward to the next one. Love to all - Auntie Tish and Uncle Bun

Sunday, September 21, 2008


The sun was shining, and the blue sky could been seen between the leaves of the center field tree as the grounds keeper finished mowing the grass. The beautiful field, Winnie's Field was ready for the game of the season. Sean's City Slickers verses Rita's Country Raiders.
The Captains arrives at the field, Sean's Slickers with numerous players and Rita's Raiders with two!! As the Slickers took the field for batting practice Capt. Rita and her side kick Sarge began to call the players and slowly they started to arrive at the field. At the 1:45P (1345 for you military type) opening ceremonies, and introductions were made and The National Anthem was played and the teams were ready for the big game. The Raiders won the coin toss and chose to take the field first.
The Raiders scored two runs in the bottom of the first. At the top of the second inning Slickers pitcher and hot bat, Curt, hit a line drive into pitcher, veteran great, Sheila (the mighty)Oaks' left ankle. A time out was called as Sheila was taken out of the game to put ice on her ankle. She now has the honor of being the first and hopefully only injury on Winnie's Field.
As the game wound down the Slickers were ahead 8-3. It was nip and tuck. At the bottom of the 8th the Raiders rallied and scored five runs to tie game. The Slickers retaliated and it was a 10 -8 ball game.
Raiders started the bottom of the 9th. One run came in and with the tie run on third and two outs K.J. Painter came to bat. He had a nice little hit to short center that hit the ground before the center fielder could get it and as the tie run crossed the bag, the center fielder scooped up the ball tossed it to the first baseman who tagged the runner K.J. out.
The game of the season, the Cousins Challenge, was over with a tie score 10-10.
Congratulations were given all around by the players of each team and the Captains shook hands, gave each other a hug and said we would have a rematch at a date to be determined.
We all had a wonderful meal of hot dogs, hamburgs and a verity of dishes contributed by all who came for the game. All in all it was a was a wonderful day.
We want to thank Brendan for building this beautiful field ( he knew we would come) and both Brendan and Karen for their love of the game and their generosity.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Raiders Ready For The Challenge

I hope the City Slickers are getting a good night rest 'cause the Country Raiders are ready. They will be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the big challenge on Sat. They plan to give the Slickers a good run for the win. So come one, come all and see the Slickers Fall. Hope to see you all on Sat for the big game! Don't forget to bring a dish to share and some chairs.
Capt. Rita

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

City Slickers Be Ready!

City team be ready for a battle of the bat!
Not only do Rita's Raider's have the Flannery Clan with Mike's strong bat and long legs, we have the Mighty Oaks--with the veteran great Sheila Katherine. Also "Little Gibby Duel Quads" big bat and fast arm with his side kick"Short Stop Smiley." Lets not forget "The Big Rock", W.J. Holmes, K.J. Painter, Tom (the blaze) Sweeney, annnnnnnnnnnddddddddd the 39Th pick for the Dodgers Team JIM BARTLETT. Rounding out the team are the girls and boy from Long Hill Rd. and their families, with other players to be announced.

FLASH - Baseball players and Fans!

(Uncle Brendan asked me to post this update.)

Sean Sweeney has signed on as Captain of the "City Cousin's Team" for the Cousin's Challenge this Saturday, Sept 20th at Winnie Field.
Sources tell me that the negotiations where tough but when the sign-on bonus included a victory lap in Anthony Flannery the IV's new legions racing car, the team had strapped in the captain slot!
I've also heard rumours that the Sweeney clan are bringing in the big guns! That's right, possible starters Brendan Sweeney, & Ray Solmonson. (the country team better hope they don't drag out the "Silver Slugger" , Jim "Papie) Anderson", or the old battin devil himself "Sting-em Ray" Solmonson. Than again the country team is in big woos if the "Double Team" sisters Doreen and Darlene dust off the spikes.

Just fair warning to the City slickers; If the bus from Boston rolls in with Sean Holmes,& Ryan McKinney and players to be announced, they just may neutralize the Sweeney big guns.

Stay tune players and fans!